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Facilities & Services

Our well-established production facilities will satisfy the most exacting industrial requirements

We are predominately a Jobbing Foundry that specialises in small to medium runs.  We excel in breakdown work with quick turnaround times.

All our castings are made from virgin ingots, supplied within specification by reputable manufacturers.  Each and every batch we cast is checked with our in-house Spectrograph to make sure all castings are supplied within requested specifications.  To ensure continuous supply of product, we keep a stock of bronze and aluminium ingots in our metal stores.

We are able to supply the following up to a casting mass of 1500kg (excluding runners & risers):

  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Gun Metal
  • High Tensile Brass
  • Aluminium Bronze
  • Leaded Bronze
  • 60/40 Brass

We also produce various grades of Aluminium up to a mass of 500kg.

Joseph Grieveson Phosphur-Bronze Mill Bearing liners
Joseph Grieveson Water-cooled Bronze Mill Bearings
Joseph Grieveson Bronze Bushes
Joseph Grieveson Bronze Cast Cone
Joseph Grieveson Quality Control
As mentioned above, we are predominately a Jobbing Foundry that specialises in small to medium runs and we excel in breakdown work and quick turnaround times.

We are able to produce a wide range of Carbon Steels, as well as a selection of Low Alloy Steels up to a maximum casting mass of 5000kg (excluding runners & risers).  All Steels are heat treated in our in-house furnaces.  We also produce a full range of Cast Iron (Grey Iron), as well as Ductile Iron (SG Iron), up to a maximum casting mass of 7000kg (excluding runners & risers).

Our Green Sand Plant produces medium to large runs of Cast Iron, as well as Ductile Iron (SG Iron).

Metal is supplied from four dedicated, state of the art Induction Furnaces. Two 1½-ton furnaces, one 3-ton furnace and one 4-ton Furnace give us the versatility to meet your requirements.  All cast metal is analysed using our in-house Spectrograph to ensure your castings are supplied within specification.

Joseph Grieveson Machined Cast-steel Suction-delivery Casings for multi-stage pump
Joseph Grieveson Crystalizer Worm-wheel
Joseph Grieveson Cast-Steel Sugar Mill Coupling Box
Joseph Grieveson 17-tooth Mill Pinion
Joseph Grieveson Cast-Iron Top-Bottom Bearing Housing
For medium to high quantity production runs we have a Green Sand Plant, which is able to cast both Cast Iron and Ductile Iron (SG Iron) castings up to a total box mass of 35kg using moulding box sizes of :

  • 610mm x 455mm (24” x 18”)
  • 610mm x 610mm (24” x 24”)
  • 900mm x 460mm (35½” x 18”)

All casting’s produced on this plant are Stress Relieved in our in-house Heat Treatment Furnaces prior to delivery.

Joseph Grieveson SG-Iron Retainers
We are able to supply a range of Bronze Chill Cast Bushes, 400mm long, with an outside diameter ranging from 30mm up to 180mm, cast either Phosphor Bronze, Gun Metal or a Commercial Bronze, as well as Extruded Bronze, depending on your application.  All bushings can be cast in any size, as per customer requirements.

By ordering your bush close to your finished machined sizes, not only do you save money on your machining time, but you also only pay for Bronze you need, no wastage.

Joseph Grieveson Bronze Chill Cast Bushes
Heat Treatment of our Castings are done in either of our two Heat Treatment Furnaces.

The capacity of the furnaces are 3 Tons, and 5 Tons.

We are able to include a Heat Treatment Graph in your quality control data pack if required.

Joseph Grieveson Cast-Steel Heat Treatment
Both Ferrous & Non–Ferrous metal castings produced by us are checked to make sure that they are within the customer’s required specification.

This is done by analysing a metal sample from the furnace, using our in-house Spectrograph, prior to pouring into the mould.  If required, a Chemical Certificate will be supplied with the casting for your records.

Joseph Grieveson Spectrograph Chemical Analysis
We are able to supply castings either “proof machined” or completely machined as may be required.
Joseph Grieveson Steel Hubs
Joseph Grieveson Quality Control
We are able to supply complete engineering drawings to our clients.

Customers supply sketches and/or samples and our team uses them to produce professional engineering drawings. With over 100 years of experience in this industry, we will add value to the design of your casting to help you achieve a superior quality casting.

Joseph Grieveson Drawing Service
A good quality casting begins with an accurate well-constructed pattern.  We have a fully-equipped pattern shop on our premises, with qualified pattern makers, giving us 100% control of the accuracy and quality of all patterns.

The ability to build a pattern in a way that will best facilitate the feeding of the castings is of paramount importance.  Far too often private pattern shops do not take the moulding process into consideration and rather opt for the quickest and cheapest way to construct a pattern.  This, more often than not, results in a poor quality casting.

Having qualified and experience pattern-makers on site who are familiar with our casting methods and processes eliminates this problem.

Joseph Grieveson Bearing Cap Pattern
Joseph Grieveson Pattern-1
Joseph Grieveson Pattern-2
Joseph Grieveson Polystyrene Pinion Patterns
We understand how important ‘on time delivery’ is to our customers.  To ensure we get your castings delivered to your doorstep on time, we run our own fleet of well-maintained vehicles.  This potentially reduces the cost of your castings and gives us the flexibility to deliver when needed.  It also ensures we are not reliant on outside organisations to deliver according to their own schedules.

We deliver to the greater Gauteng area every week, and even twice a week or more if necessary.  Our fleet comprises of:

  • Two 1-Ton Bakkies
  • One 3-Ton Truck
  • One 12-Ton Truck
  • One 18–Ton Horse & Trailer (for our Gauteng deliveries)
Joseph Grieveson Trucks
Joseph Grieveson Casting Action-1
Joseph Grieveson Foundry Operation
Joseph Grieveson Casting Action-3
Joseph Grieveson Foundry-3
Joseph Grieveson Foundry-4
Joseph Grieveson  Foundry-5
Joseph Grieveson Foundry-6
Joseph Grieveson Foundry-7
Joseph Grieveson  Foundry-8

We meet our customers’ expectations