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We produce Ferrous and Non-Ferrous castings of any size in either Jobbing or long productions runs

Joseph Grieveson was established in 1915, and, with over 100 hundred years of experience, has developed a strong reputation for delivering quality castings, timeously throughout Africa and abroad.  We produce both Ferrous (including Cast Steel), and Non–Ferrous castings and do Jobbing as well as high production runs. We are able to work from creating the initial drawings right through to final machining, making us truly a “one stop shop” foundry for all your Casting requirements.

Our Foundry is based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. We run our own fleet of trucks and are thus able to control and meet our delivery dates.  We deliver castings each and every week to the greater Gauteng area, and in some cases twice a week.

We have our own in-house Pattern Shop, vital in the process of producing dimensionally accurate, quality Castings.  All our castings are fully traceable and supplied with a chemical certificate produced from our in-house spectrograph.  This guarantees that your casting is supplied within your requested specifications.

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Joseph Grieveson Quality Control
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We meet our customers’ expectations